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Evaluations from other providers determining need for groups are accepted on a case-by-case basis, determined by the quality/detail of the evaluation. Group facilitators may request an Individual session or evaluation to gather missing information, or determine treatment goals and objectives of group before you will be invited to attend.

Group Services

Groups at Precipice Counseling follow a methodical and evidence based structure. In order to maintain the efficacy of these groups, and intended purpose of these services, the groups run in cycles of approximately 12-16 weeks unless otherwise specified. 

When there are enough participants available for a group, the group will be scheduled to best meet the availability of participants and will be 60-90 minutes.

Unless otherwise specified. All group topics are offered to youth and adults separately and are not gender specific.

Current Groups

The below groups are separated by content focus. We are constantly working on groups focused on the needs of our customers, so please complete suggestions if one is missing and check back regularly for updates.


Not sure where to start in groups? Meet with your therapist and discuss your treatment goals. Depending on your goals and needs in treatment, you can join one of these individualized groups focused on processing weekly stressors, building healthy coping mechanisms, and/or increasing ability to engage socially with those in your community.

Treatment Plan (Process)

- Therapy Group

Treatment Plan (Skills)

- Skills Group

Treatment Plan (Social)

- Skills Group

Mind-Body Bridging

The Groups are focused on understanding and befriending the I-System that exacerbates our emotional distress, and are focused on the areas of Anxiety, Addiction, Anger, PTSD, and Stress.

Mind-Body Bridging Basics

- Therapy Group

Mind-Body Bridging for Anxiety

- Therapy Group

Mind-Body Bridging for Anger

- Therapy Group

Mind-Body Bridging for Addiction

- Therapy Group

Mind-Body Bridging for PTSD

- Therapy Group

Mind-Body Bridging for Stress

- Therapy Group

Want to Join?

Completing this sheet will add the below information to our tracking.

When there are enough participants, a group lead will reach out to determine a day/time that will be able to serve the majority of participants. Participants will agree to honor confidentiality and commit to attending the entire treatment cycle before the beginning of the group.

Suggest Group

All responses are taken seriously as we value your feedback and want to provide services you are interested in.

Information gathered on this form will be added to our tracking sheet and new group topics will be considered on a monthly basis with the available providers.
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